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XS Nightclub

LOCATION: Inside Encore Resort & Casino
OPEN: Monday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
HOURS: 10pm to 5am
BEST NIGHTS: Monday, Saturday & Sunday

Description : XS Nightclub has more elegance and sophistication than any other club on the Strip. The club is golden, literally—the chandeliers are gold plated, the crocodile VIP booths are gold-embossed, and the rest of the décor is filled with gold accents as well as beautiful ebonies and bronzes. At 40,000 square feet, XS Nightclub is the largest single-room nightclub in Las Vegas, with 95 VIP tables indoors and 30 VIP cabanas poolside.

XS Nightclub is one of the main spots celebrities flock to in Las Vegas, likely because of its unique capabilities for privacy. 26 of the VIP tables are vaulted, which provide stunning, private views of the dance floor. But XS Nightclub is a place to be seen as well, featuring eight tables that rest directly on the edge of the dance floor. For those looking for a respite from the hours of intense dancing to mixes by the world’s top DJs—DJs like David Guetta and Avicii are regulars—XS Nightclub offers complimentary seating poolside, a rarity in Vegas nightlife. Bottle service is available both indoors and outdoors.

The XS Nightclub hosts amazing pool parties that have attracted many water-loving celebrities like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte—you might remember last year when Ryan Lochte was all over the news after racing Prince Harry in the pool one night at XS Nightclub. XS Nightclub bartenders mix the best drinks in town, and even offer some exclusive drinks for high-profile clientele. The signature cocktail at XS Nightclub, “The Ono,” pairs a 1981 Charles Heidsieck Champagne Charlie with a Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black Pearl Cognac (a single bottle of this cognac retails for $40,000 to $80,000), and is garnished with a pair of sterling silver cufflinks and an 18K white gold necklace with black pearl pendant, all for $10,000.