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How Much Does Bottle Service Cost At XS Nightclub?

Bottle service is priced based on the number of people in the group, table location and whether it’s a celebrity hosted or big name DJ event. Average bottle price is $600 and standard pricing is based on 1 bottle per 3-4 people for all male groups and 1 bottle per 5-6 people for all female or even ratio groups (e.g. 2 males and 2 females). For prime table locations (main floor, VIP or dance floor) and celebrity hosted events a premium is charged on top of the standard pricing.

How Much Does Bottles Cost At XS Nighclub?

For bottle prices please review the XS Nightclub bottle menu.

What Are The Table Location Options At XS Nightclub?

Patio – The patio area is outdoor section of the club. Standard bottle service pricing applies for tables in this section.

Main Floor – Prime table section consisting of 4 tiers of seating (back wall, 2nd tier, upper dance floor and lower dance floor). Bottle Service starts at $2,000+ for tables in this section.

Dance Floor – Best tables in the club. Bottle Service starts at $4,000+ for tables in this section.

Do I Need To Prepay Or Make a Deposit For Bottle Service At XS Nightclub?

Prepayments or deposits may only be necessary on major holidays like Memorial Day, New Year’s Eve etc when a deposit is required to guarantee your reservation.

What Do I Need To Book A Table Reservation For Bottle Service At XS Nightclub?

Simply fill out the reservation form below and reservations agent will contact you.

Reservation Form

Please provide all requested information for an accurate quote and be sure to include any specific requests like table location etc.