The Bank Nightclub

LOCATION: Inside The Bellagio Hotel & Casino
OPEN: Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
HOURS: 10:30pm to 4am
MUSIC: House/Hip-hop
BEST NIGHTS: Saturdays & Sundays
DRESS CODE: Upscale Chic


As you ride the escalator up to the main floor of The Bank Nightclub, anticipation builds as the gorgeous chandeliers sparkle above your head. These chandeliers are only a glimmer of what is to come: a luxurious nightclub seeping with sexy onyx textures and gold accents. As you walk through the foyer, the walls are lined with bottles of Cristal. The servers, who are stunning enough to be fashion models, bring the bottles to the VIP tables in large diamond-shaped carriers. The Bank is a symbol of pure opulence.

At 6,600 square feet, The Bank Nightclub attracts a high-profile, exclusive crowd because of the intimacy it provides. There is one main room and one dance floor, so once you are inside The Bank, you never feel like you aren’t at the heart of the party. The dance floor is surrounded by tiered upper balconies, which are favorites of the hottest celebrities—you can see everything from these balconies but still have some privacy. Many of these celebrities give impromptu performances—recent guests have included Bruno Mars, LMFAO, and Common.

The Bank Nightclub plays a wide variety of music, tending more towards hip-hop on some nights, more towards top 40 on other nights, but always working in eclectic mixes. The Bank Nightclub is known in Las Vegas as being one of the best spots to visit on a Sunday—which is when they host their infamous industry party.Many clubs suggest “casual chic” for their dress code, but The Bank Nightclub suggests “fashionable chic,” and guests know that to get in, they must be dressed to impress. As a result, everyone looks their best on the dance floor.