1 Oak Nightclub

LOCATION: Inside The Mirage Resort & Casino
OPEN: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday
HOURS: 10:30pm to 4am
BEST NIGHTS: Tuesdays & Fridays
DRESS CODE: Upscale Chic

The name of the enormously popular nightclub, 1 Oak Nightclub brand, comes from the expression “One of a kind,” and the club truly meets the description. 1 Oak Nightclub is committed to pleasing the masses night after night. With locations in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico and Las Vegas, the club is decorated in a sparse, chic, New York style featuring avant-garde art from award winning artist Roy Nachum, and the main floor is punctuated by stunning go-go dancers at the poles.

When you first walk into 1 Oak Nightclub, you’ll enter the main room which plays a mix of Top 40 and EDM, but continue walking and you’ll enter another room which plays mainly Hip Hop. Both rooms feature full service bars and DJ booths. The sound, designed by Avalon Sound, is state of the art, and you can feel the bass rising from the floor to shake your entire body, making it impossible for you to ever stop dancing. As if that weren’t enough, amazing lights and confetti cannons burst all night, adding to the fun.

1 Oak might be most famous for the celebrity-studded crowd it attracts—some of the most talented musicians surprise the dance floor with spontaneous performances, and many stars make unscheduled/unannounced appearances each night. Some recent performances include Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, Major Lazer and John Legend. They treat the ladies well at 1 Oak, typically offering free drink vouchers and expedited service.